Header Shopping Cart Icon

Enable/Disable the Shopping Cart Icon inside the Header

To enable or disable the Header Shopping Cart icon, try going to Creativo Options -> WooCommerce -> Header Shopping Cart -> Shopping Cart Icon in Header Menu.

If you want to use this option as enabled, you must have the WooCommerce plugin active and also have a Cart page created and correctly assigned to your WooCommerce settings.

First install and activate the WooCommerce plugin.

To create a WooCommerce Cart page, go to Pages -> Add New and paste inside the content area the following shortcode:


Additionally, you can scroll down below the Visual Editor area and find the Advanced Customization box.

Under Page Options -> Enable Sidebar, choose No and update your page. This will remove any sidebar appearing on your Cart page.

Update/Publish your newly created Cart page.

Next go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout tab -> Checkout Pages -> Cart page -> and select here the newly created Cart page.

Click on the Save Changes button and your Header should now also display a Shopping Cart icon, linked with your Cart page.

As you can notice in the picture above, the Shopping Cart icon appears with a small counter above it – if your users add products to the shopping cart, the counter will also be incremented and the products will be shown when hovering the mouse over the Shopping Cart icon.

You can also disable the counter by using the WooCommerce -> Header Shopping Cart -> Shopping Cart Icon Product Count option.