Changing the Footer Info

Customize the footer info using the Appearance -> Theme Options -> Footer options

To change the Footer appearance you must go to Creativo Options -> Footer area.

The Sticky Footer options should be turned on by default. On pages where there is not enough content, the Footer will always be positioned to the bottom of the page, so make sure you enable this option.

The Footer Copyright text – for any type of template being used – can be changed by using the Footer Copyright option box. Change/add your own copyright text here.

The Center Footer Content will position both the Copyright Text and the Social Icons in a centered layout. Disable this option if you don’t want to have the two sections centered.

The Social Icons can be changed to display a Footer Menu instead – you will first have to create it under Appearance -> Menus and set it as Footer Menu – by changing the Footer Menu Right Side -> and select Footer Menu instead of the default Social Links – the Social Links are created based on the links entered for each profile under Creativo Options -> Social Media.

The appearance of the Footer Copyright area can be customized by using the Footer Copyright options. Change here the background color, copyright text color, copyright links color and more.