Changing the Footer Widgets and Footer Sidebar

Change/create footer widgets with Creativo

After installing Creativo and importing one of the available templates, you will notice at the bottom of the page footer, a number of widgets, displayed in a column layout.

The widgets can be changed/deleted or add new ones by going to Creativo Options -> Widgets

On the new page, you must expand the Footer Sidebar – this is the actual sidebar that holds all the footer widgets.

Expanding each of the widgets allows you to change the content and details they are holding.

To add new widgets simply drag them from the Available Widgets list to the sidebar.

The Footer Sidebar will display the widgets in a 4 Columns layout, but that can be changed to only 3 columns or 2 columns – this is useful if you only want to have two widgets displayed in the Footer Sidebar.

To change the number of columns for the Footer Sidebar, go to Creativo Options -> Footer -> Footer Sidebar Columns

Just below this option you can also change the actual layout of the footer sidebar. Available options are: Default and Modern.

The Default layout will create even columns as seen in the screenshot below:

The Modern layout will create an uneven type of layout, with the first column and last column having uneven sizes as seen in the screenshot below.