Customizing the Logo

With Creativo, you can use a Text Logo or an Image Logo.

After installing Creativo and importing one of the available templates, you can upload and use your own logo. Presuming you have imported the Blogger template, let’s go and change the default logo of your site.

As you can see, by default the Blogger template will generate a Text Logo and a tagline below it based on the Site Title and Tagline text entered under Settings -> General.

Head on to Settings -> General and change the Site Title and Tagline with the text you want to use.

Customizing the Text Logo Appearance

To change the Font Family of the text logo go to Creativo -> Theme Options -> Typography -> Google Fonts Settings -> Select Logo and Tagline Font Family

Select the Font Family you want to use for the Text Logo and Tagline.

Head to Creativo -> Theme Options -> Logo Favicon to change the appearance of the Text Logo and Tagline.

On the Logo Favicon section, scroll down until you find the Text Logo options:

You can select the HTML Tag that will be used for your Text Logo – possible optins are: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5.

Change the Text Logo font size using the slider under Text Logo Font Size (px) option.

Still here you can select the Color for the Text Logo both on normal and hover state.

The Tagline can be enabled or disabled and can also have a custom font size, in pixles.

Once you are satisfied with the customization, click on Save All Changes button.

Uploading and Using an Image Logo

If you don’t want to use a Text Logo, you can upload your own graphical image.

Go to Creativo -> Theme Options -> Logo Favicon -> Logo field and upload your image here.

Use the Retina Logo option to upload a retina version of your Logo – remember to make your Retina logo twice the size of your normal logo.

For example if your normal logo is: 175×35, your retina logo should be: 360×70 pixels.

Always remember to not make your logo too big, instead try limiting the width and height of your logo to a decent size – after all this is the first image that will be loaded on your site and if it’s too big, it will take a lot longer to load your site.

When using an Image Logo, the Tagline of your site will be ignored – taglines will only appear if a Text Logo is being used.

You can switch anytime to a Text Logo, by removing the current Image Logo.

Transparent Header Logo

You can also set a Transparent Header Logo that will be used on pages or Posts that are using the Transparent Header option – this option can be enabled individually for each Post or Page that you create or can be turned on for all available Pages and Posts by going to Creativo -> Theme Options -> Header Top -> Header Customization -> Transparent Header. We suggest to not use the Transparent Header for all your content because on some pages or posts it may not work correctly. Use the Individual option instead – read a detailed tutorial on how to use a Transparent Header.

On the Creativo -> Theme Options -> Logo favicon section you can control the actual padding (spacing) of your Logo (these settings apply for both the text and the image logos).

Scroll down until you find the Logo Top Padding and Logo Bottom Padding.

Play around with these settings if you want to have more spacing above and below your logo.

The Logo Left Padding and Logo Right Padding will work the same way, by adding spacing to the left and right of your logo. However since our logo is centered we don’t need to use these settings. These settings would come in handy if the Default Header would be used, not the Modern Header we currently have set for the Blogger template.