Importing a Creativo Template

Import one of the Creativo Templates, with just one click

Now that we have installed Creativo on your WordPress site, you can import one of the available templates, with just one click – basically make your WordPress site look exactly like our templates, including images, content, sliders and Creativo Options.

To do this, go to Creativo -> Demos area.

Under the Demos tab we can find all the available templates for Creativo. With every new update of the theme, we will also be adding new templates, to which you will have Free access.

Each demo/template has two options: Import and Preview. Click the Preview button to see the actual Template in action.

Once you have decided which template you want to import, click the Import button bellow that appears below the desired┬átemplate. A pop-up window will appear informing you that the import process will begin – you will also be informed that the demo import should best be performed on a clean WordPress install.

The plugins needed for each template will be automatically installed and activated so you don’t have to worry about that. The Theme does everything automatically.

Wait for a few seconds or minutes. After the process is completed you will be informed with a message that the import process has finished and the home page can now be seen.

Try loading your home page now, it should look exactly like the demo template you imported. If for example you imported Blogger template, your site should look exactly like:

You can now start customizing the theme with your own content, font families, colors, etc. Try accessing the Creativo -> Theme Options interface to start customizing the layout of the theme.