How to access Nimva Templates in the Page Builder

Using the Nimva 3 Templates to create pages with just one click.

In Nimva 3 we added the possibility to add and use Templates using the Page Builder. These Templates are full pages that we created inside Nimva 3.

To access them, navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard -> edit or create a new Page, use the Full Width page template and enable the Front End Editor.

Next click on the Add Templates button located next to the Add Text Block button, if you are creating a new page or at the Top Left Templates button if you already have content on your page.

A new pop-up window will appear allowing you to see the new Nimva 3 Templates feature.

By default all the Nimva 3 Templates collection, will be shown.

Use the navigation menu on the left to browser through all the available pages.

To add a page, hover your mouse over the page you like to add and click on the Text below each page to add it to your current page.

After adding the page you will be able to modify it in any way you like: add your own images, change text, change row layouts, background images, patterns, add gradient background, absolutely everything can be customized.