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Button Element

Creativo and Visual Composer allows you to use the best looking buttons to create amazing designs for your pages. Each button can have a style (standard, modern, flat, 3D, outline), a shape (round, rectangle, )

Predefined Colors

Choose a predefined color for your button. See examples of the colors you can use by default to the right. You can also define your own custom colors using the Custom style for your button

Custom Colors

Use the Custom style for your button to create buttons with your own colors. You can also add icons to your buttons as seen in the next example.

Different Sizes

Easily change the size of your button with just one click. You can also force your button to expand to the entire width of the column.

Different Styles

Each button that you create can have its own style: Modern, Classic, Flat, 3D, Outline.

Different Shapes

Each button that you create can have its own shape: Rounded, Square, Round

Full Width Option

You also have the option to force your buttons into Full Width mode. This means your button will inherit the same width as the column it resides in.